Training costs a lot less than mistakes!

We are proud to offer the following original seminars:

HONDA DRIVEABILITY DIAGNOSIS (2-night or 1-day class)

Honda used to promote simplicity.  However, its vehicles don't seem simple when techs can't troubleshoot no-code surging and roughness symptoms.  Dan addresses those issues and shows straightforward tests for components such as crank sensors, LAF sensors and EGR lift sensors.  He also simplifies diagnosing i-VTEC and VCM systems.

TOYOTA DRIVEABILITY DIAGNOSIS (2-night or 1-day class)

Dan focuses on vital checks technicians should make before condemning Toyota components such as injectors, coil/igniter assembles, MAF sensors and A/F sensors.  He discusses details a scanner may not reveal or reveal readily.  Dan also shows techs no-nonsense checks for actuators such as those on VVT-I systems.

BATTERY DRAIN TEST TIPS (1-night or 1/2-day class)

This seminar shows techs how to diagnose battery drain problems faster and more accurately.  Speed and accuracy yield confidence and more-profitable results.  Dan discusses sensible ways to identify and isolate causes of dead batteries.  This includes measuring battery drain accurately and choosing the simplest path to the circuit that's causing the trouble.  He also shows techs practical tools, testers and meters for battery drain diagnosis.  Attendees always applaud how Dan simplifies this complicated topic.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRICAL CHECKS (1-night or 1/2-day class)

First-rate automotive electricians are always in demand.  This seminar takes techs a giant step closer to joining that elite group.  Dan stresses the vital volts and amps measurements they'll need to pinpoint electrical problems quickly and accurately.  He explains circuit operation but also includes safe, sensible shortcuts that benefit beginners as well as experienced techs.  Dan applies street smarts to everything from open circuits to sensor circuit issues and helps techs get maximum value from a common digital meter.


The age-old questions is, "Will replacing the alternator or starter really fix this vehicle?" This class answers that question and more!  Dan teaches techs how to isolate a suspect alternator or starter from potential problems outside it.  For example, he discusses thorough battery testing as well as vital voltage drop tests on starting and charging system circuits.  This class increases battery sales and reduces needless alternator and starter returns.  Techs always rate this seminar a winner.


This class covers charging systems on the highest-volume Ford and General Motors products.  These vehicles have computer-controlled alternators.  Dan simplifies the PCM's relationship to the alternator, including the signals flowing between these two components.  He explains how to evaluate these signals with a digital meter, a scan tool and an oscilloscope.  Dan also shows how to isolate a suspect alternator from the system controlling it -- quickly and accurately.  This seminar is a must-attend for all technicians!

ESSENTIAL OSCILLOSCOPE KNOW-HOW (1-night or 1/2 day class)

Dan's simplified approach takes the fear out of using this valuable diagnostic device.  What's more, techs can apply this information to any digital lab 'scope.  In this class, Dan shows how to set up a 'scope for common tests, including choosing the correct time base and volts/amps scales.  He explains trigger settings and how to use them effectively during diagnosis.  Plus, he coaches techs on how to distinguish normal 'scope patterns from abnormal ones.

NOTE:  A 2-night or 1-day version of this class is also available and includes practical, hands-on exercises in capturing and analyzing 'scope patterns.

MASS AIR FLOW TEST TIPS (1-night or 1/2 day class)

Today, the vast majority of engine control systems rely on a MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor.  Sometimes a technician guesses -- he replaces a MAF sensor because he isn't sure how to test it.  Dan simplifies by explaining what MAF sensors have in common with each other and describing critical but overlooked pre-checks to sensor analysis.  Then he shows a range of MAF test options: Digital meter, scan tool and oscilloscope.  Dan also discusses quick ways to identify related issues such as air flow restrictions.


Some techs don’t realize that a popular Honda V6 may be a variable-displacement engine.  In this class, Dan explains which engines feature Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) and discusses simple ways to diagnose both earlier and later versions of the system.