Rev up your technical training now!


Some seminars sputter along like an old clunker.  But Dan Marinucci's classes run as smoothly as a finely tuned V8.

After a long day in the shop, the last thing a technician needs is a training session that drones on like a tired starter motor. Dan's high-voltage presentations keep technicians alert and engaged.  Furthermore, his time-saving tips will keep them wide-eyed and bushy-tailed!

He blends two skills:   HOW to present information clearly and effectively and WHAT to present -- practical info today's techs need.

Yes sir, this is the same Dan Marinucci you've been reading since 1989 in MOTOR Magazine and TIRE BUSINESS.

Dan brings a wealth of information to each class.  When he isn't teaching or writing, he's under the hood - digging up the data, diagnostic details, and 'scope patterns that fuel his classes and columns.

He's been presenting tech seminars across the United States and Canada for 23 years.  He strives to keep classes interesting, fun, and fast-moving.