Knowledge + Dynamic Delivery = Dan Marinucci


Dan Marinucci is the driving force behind DAN MARINUCCI AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICAL TRAINING.  He's earned a reputation for communicating timely, practical knowledge to both service and sales professionals in the auto repair industry.

Whether writing for a trade journal or presenting a seminar to technicians, he crafts clear, concise messages.  He does this by combining his straightforward communication style with his experience as an automotive technician. 

Using his journalism degree from Penn State, Dan began covering the auto service industry in 1976.  He has written MOTOR Magazine's monthly import repair column "Foreign Service" since 1989.  TIRE BUSINESS readers have enjoyed his bi-monthly opinion column "Automotive Service" for 27 years.

Dan also earned a degree from the School of Hard Knocks by selling automotive diagnostic equipment for three years.

He specializes in electrical testing as well as Japanese vehicle driveability diagnosis. He has been presenting tech seminars to professional technicians since 1993, traveling to 38 states and many cities across Canada to teach his classes.

Here's what past attendees say about Dan and his classes...


"The clarity and enthusiasm of the instructor."  M. M. Michigan

"[Dan is] friendly, and keeps the audience involved."  J.L.H. - Idaho

"I thought the information was presented extremely efficiently."  B.B. - New Hampshire

"Best class yet!  Teacher knew what he was talking about."  R.M. - New York

"Information I CAN USE!"  C.B. - Ohio

"Communication between instructor and students.  Easy to understand."  J.M. - Maryland

"Dan's presentation style was very lively."  P.C. - California

"Good real world, simple diagnosis."  D.W. - Oregon

"Dan's books and illustrations, personal knowledge."  T.T. - New York

"How easy it is going to be able to use the info in the shop."  D.M. - Wisconsin

"It was presented in a simple manner - fast and easy to comprehend."  W.B. - Washington

"Learning easy, useful diagnostic skills."  G.A. Virginia